Q & A with Kelvin Mooney | British Columbia Timberframe Co.

For Kelvin Mooney, the man who built the first Energy Star®–qualified (superior energy performance) home in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, constructing healthy homes is not just a passion; it’s crucial for the future of the environment. Mooney founded BC Timberframe in 2000 to specialize in building energy performance and passive homes, and to manufacture custom timber-frame home packages. Recently, BC Timberframe added a sister company, Factor Building Panels, which manufactures prefabricated wall and roof panels for Passive House certification using renewable natural components that don’t off-gas, shrink, or allow toxins to creep indoors.
BC Timberframe founder Kelvin Mooney.

What are the characteristics of a healthy home?

A healthy home includes consideration for the materials you choose to put inside your home, the ability to have clean fresh air inside, and the ability to maintain a comfortable environment. We prioritize using natural materials, airtight sealing, and incorporating a high quality, purifying Heat Recovery Ventilation system that constantly exchanges air from outside to inside through filters.

What are the overlooked places where energy efficiency is lost while building a home?

Insulation materials are often overlooked, but the materials you choose have a great impact on indoor air quality, as well as the amount of energy used in the total creation of your home. The Expanded Polystyrene Foam often used in insulation is oil-based and requires an intensive manufacturing process. At Factor Building Panels, we do not use foam or plastic wrap.

In 2014, BC Timberframe Co. built the first Energy Star®-certified home in BC’s Lower Mainland using advanced construction technology such as off-site wall and roof panel system manufacturing, pressed wood waste, and spun volcanic rock insulation.

Tell us more about Factor Building Panels.

Factor Building Panels are prefabricated panels designed to your architectural requirements, built in a controlled environment, and delivered and installed in a much shorter timeframe than standard construction practices. We start with high levels of insulation and air-tightness, and we use natural and recycled materials to improve air quality and lessen our environmental impact.


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