Pitching a Product or Story Idea to
GRAY for Editorial Consideration

GRAY looks for projects that push creative boundaries, are exquisitely executed, are thoughtful, rich with details and have a finished, polished style. Projects that exemplify leading, forward-thinking design—considering use of materials, spatial composition, uniqueness, functionality, a fresh aesthetic, and overall visual appeal—will win us over. And the more regional resources in your project the better.

Include in your message:

Your name, business name and contact info, a brief description of the project including general location and all of the design professionals involved. Then attach photos or include a link to photos.


Professional shots are not necessary but be sure the images and description will give the editors a thorough understanding of what the project looks like. We generally will not consider projects that have been published (or promised for publication) elsewhere in print or online. We cannot consider publishing homes or businesses that are currently for sale. Due to the high volume of submissions, GRAY editors cannot respond to every submission. Please allow a minimum of 30 days for your submission to be received and reviewed, before following up.